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Simworld News
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Again some good news from Almere, Netherlands: At April 22 and 23, the prototype of the VPP Racing Rack Professional will be installed for testing at Simworld. (www.simworld.nl)
Simworld is the first to receive this product for testing worldwide. Everyone competing in the previously announced Simracing.NL LAN party, will have the chance to to some test runs in the Racing Rack Professional.

The VPP Racing Rack Professional prototype, driven by Jochen Lau, owner of Virtual Performance Parts.

This is the latest product of Virtual Performance Parts (www.virtualperformanceparts.com) and it aims to be top of the line, amongst other well known products from for instance BRD or Frex.

Because of the fact that this version of the Racing Rack is a prototype, testing is exclusive for the LAN party competitors.

Next to this announcement, the package of prices coming along with this event is again extended. As Simworld and Simracing.nl aim to get as much participants as possible into the cockpits, to create the opportunity to get people new to simracing attracted to this great sports, one of the participants will go home with a VPP Pedalset Professional 2 worth 385 euro.

Therefor the current Jackpot looks like this:

1x VPP Pedal-set professional 2
1x VPP Racing Rack Basic
1x Voucher to race on a weekday night for free at Simworld (10 participants)
1x Voucher to race on a weekday night for free at Simworld (6 participants)
1x Voucher to race on a weekday night for free at Simworld (4 participants)
1x Simracing.NL Sweater/Shirt
2x Motorsport DVD

The exact way on how the prices are gonna be devided amongst participants is yet to be determined. However the organisation is happy with the current list of prices and hopes it helps to get some people convinced to still sign in for this LAN party at april 22 and 23. Pricing is 30 Euro for one day, or 60 Euro for two days.

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