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SimBin Takes a Giant Leap Towards the Future

Vara, , Expansion seems to be the key word for SimBin right now. With the opening of a new top of the line studio in central Gothenburg, hosting some of Europe’s best game developers, and further expansion waiting down the road – SimBin seriously wants a piece of the next generation game console action.

SimBin Development Team has gone through an intense period of development, wrapping up phase one in an extensive expansion plan.

Initializing this development has been the foundation of a new state of the art studio in Gothenburg, the second largest city in . Located in the very heart of the city, only 300 metres from the central station, with an area of 235 square meters of bright and modern premises, the studio is now inhabited by SimBin’s masterminds of games development.

- We have collected some of Europe’s most talented game developers under one roof, mainly due to security reasons. This way we secure source code, content and productions within the company. From here, our new Head of Studio and COO, Tomas Karlsson, controls and leads the developers we have in Gothenburg, Vara and the distributed team all over the world, says CEO Henrik Roos.

The Gothenburg and Vara studios work together with the talented developers from the original distributed team. SimBin is also expanding with additional, carefully selected, distributed developers. In the future, the development team will work even closer – accommodating the high demands of quality, security and on time deliveries of today’s gaming market.

SimBin is, after having released the highly successful and critically acclaimed racing games GTR and GT-Legends, still focusing on the motor sports genre, and is now preparing for phase two in this very exciting period of development and expansion: As a strategic move to prepare for the next-gen games, the Gothenburg studio will be expanded with an additional 235 square meters of studio area with the same high standards - and unmistakeable SimBin atmosphere. The new premise is estimated to be up and running, filled with newly hired games development veterans, by the beginning of next year.

And there is even more to come – keep an eye on our website!
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